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I am Anousha

There is no final version of yourself. We never stop growing or healing. In 2018, my seemingly perfect relationship ended in infidelity. Since then, I've navigated the path to healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Now, as a certified relationship and resilience coach, I help others do the same. No matter your age, navigating betrayal is tough. I speak from experience, from trial and error, from the inevitable stumbles on the path to healing. But most importantly, I speak from my heart. This isn't just a profession for me; it's a passion fueled by my own journey and a desire to help others find happiness after betrayal and most importantly - to find themselves and bring them home! 


Book an Appointment

At Anousha Mohon Coaching, I offer personalized coaching to help you build and maintain healthy relationships. From identifying your needs and values to communication and conflict resolution strategies, I’ve got you covered. Book a free session today and start your journey toward better relationships.

Coaching Works

Coaching shines light on blind spots and helps you understand your own patterns. It can go as deep as your childhood and other deep-rooted traumas. It helps you identify your limiting beliefs and understand your own self. 

In relationships: From partners and family to friends and colleagues, all connections impact your well-being.


Your Inner World: Share your hopes, dreams, fears, disappointments, or even feelings of shame. No judgment, just support.


Unspoken Emotions: Sometimes, simply venting about what's on your mind can bring clarity and relief.


Life Transitions: Marriage, childbirth, relocation – these changes can spark new challenges with all your relationships and mainly with yourself!


Think of coaching as a personalized roadmap for navigating challenges, overcoming limiting beliefs, and creating the fulfilling relationships you deserve. It's an investment in your happiness and well-being.

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