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Anousha Mohon

NLP Certified Resilience, Relationship and Intimacy coach

| TEDx Speaker and TED Circles Host Mauritius

Designed with love to extend a helping hand for anyone who wants to get back in the game after a significant breakthrough or breakup!

#Inspired to choose this path from my own personal experiences and also from thousands of people’s sharings with me about their past relationships, their family upbringings, their beliefs, their wired lifestyles, their deepest pains, and their most genuine hopes in having a future packed with healthy, fulfilling and loving relationships.

Shall we begin?

Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-love in order to become our best versions. Let’s learn to forgive ourselves for the mistakes made and leave the past to the past! Shall we?


I can’t wait to start this voyage with you...

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And, don't forget to love yourself a little extra today!

Image by Mariah Hewines


To help you navigate the murky situations in life and work on your self-destructive patterns. To regain your self-confidence and rebuild your self-esteem.

Basically to take your #POWER back!

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