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Meet The Boss Lady Behind The Name

Hi, my name is Anousha Mohon, and I am a Relationship Coach. Inspired by my own personal experiences, I have embarked on this journey with passion and dedication.


My Mission is to help you navigate murky situations & self-destructive patterns. To rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem after being cheated on or after a break-up!



To take your power back! 

The Story

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When I lost my job due to Covid19 beginning of this year, I had thousands of reasons to put myself in that dark hole of self-sabotaging. Instead, I chose this opportunity to recreate my life. I decided to make a difference in my life and those around me by helping them know their worth and take their power back when they could have 100 reasons to break down and lose hope.


This became my Mission! And I set myself on a journey to learning about us, our wiring and programming, and thus adventuring into NLP coaching as a career.


I want to help people build a stronger marriage, start dating again, or identify the "roadblocks" that are getting in the way of their ability to have great relationships. I want to lend a listening ear to the ones who need it. It has been life-changing for me because NLP is life-changing.

We can talk more about this or any roadblocks in your life, which you feel prevent you from having healthy relationships or moving on to the next stage of your life. Book a session and get on a call with me!

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My Values

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