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Available Online

Cheating/ Betrayal/ Infidelity Coaching

Available Online or at any given location at your convenience.

  • 2 hours
  • 100 US dollars
  • MU

Service Description

Either you are being betrayed on or you are the one cheating; infidelity in itself has some massive repercussions on oneself and your people around. It doesn't matter which side you are standing at ; the destruction is the same! Having been there myself I can totally relate. Many a times when your partner’s been unfaithful, .. most of us want to find out WHY? But what if I told you today that the way you handle it is in fact the most important …That the pain from this betrayal is not as important as how you choose to first acknowledge that it is there, take time to process it and then how you choose to ultimately project it.. how to build yourself, not again but anew! Whether your world crumbles down after finding out that you have been cheated on or you are the one cheating on your partner and you aren’t able to live with that burden anymore, this is where I come in. When I went through this massive lesson in my life, the only thing I needed was someone to talk to, someone who can relate and someone to really listen! Are you willing to share your story? Book your session today!

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Terms And Conditions

Pre-Payment and Bookings 

  • Please note that any coaching sessions booked are CONFIRMED only after the payment has been made at least 4 hours prior to the session. 


Payment Options 

  • Payments can be done via Paypal, MCB Juice, SBM Internet Banking or My.T Money. Please note that the payment should already have been made before any session and a proof of payment sent via whatsapp. 

Rescheduling or Cancellation

  • Any sessions cancelled or needs rescheduling - can happen only once and should be done at least a day before the session via the calendar and reschedule your session again. 


  • I am usually packed with appointments back to back, be it online or face to face; I’d be grateful if you could please be on time for your sessions so we can make full and great use of our session together. 

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